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Enjoy free domestic shipping on eligible orders $600 or more.
Enjoy free domestic shipping on eligible orders $600 or more.

About Us

Smile Stream Solutions is a family-owned clinical supply and inventory management agency serving the Dental and Orthodontic industry. We work with dentists in this field to provide affordable products and an online shopping experience that makes the ordering process simple and efficient. By utilizing our expertise based in the product supply field, we can help you manage your practice's inventory needs and help you save time and money. 


They Smile. You Smile. We Smile.


To be the most streamlined and cost effective clinical supply company, by enabling customers to provide phenomenal patient care by enhancing their inventory management and profitability. 



We provide professional, timely, and real-time inventory management solutions. We tend to your costs and spending and manage them better all while ensuring you are always equipped with the right supplies. Our consulting has helped numerous dentists improve their practices, and we have all the right supplies always available to deliver in a timely fashion. If we don't have what you need give us a call and we will work on adding to our site. 

Many dentists don’t realize that they can save a lot of money by simply managing their inventory better. Having the right products at the right time, buying quality products at lower prices, and managing the ordering process better are all ways that practices can become more efficient. We can help educate and improve your practice by doing all this and more.

Services include:

  • Quality products at affordable pricing
  • Inventory management and live consulting
  • Cost effective dental lab service from our partner SmileTech Labs
  • Unlimited options for marketing products with SmilePrint Co. 


Our specialty is working individually with all of our clients. We establish positive relationships and work with them directly to understand their inventory management and then offer the right services.

We are your go-to partner when it comes to inventory management. Have any questions? We’d be glad to assist you. Contact us today.