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Enjoy free domestic shipping on eligible orders $600 or more.

Speed S7 - HighSpeed with Quick Connect

SKU 4000-16QC
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Packaging: 1/box  

  • New spring structure design on the push button spindle to secure bur during operation and avoid bur vibration.
  • Normal operating decibels of handpieces is 70dB. The new Speed HighSpeed handpiece operates at less than 60 dB making for a much quieter experience for both dentist and patient. 
  • Zero retraction system avoids impurities, blood and viruses from being sucked into the cartridge when the handpiece stops working. This increases the service life of bearings and cartridge.
  • Built-in air control system applies constant pressure preventing damage to the cartridge and turbine. This limits high pressure from occurring in the handpiece that can result in damage to the handpiece. The pressure remains constant at 50.7psi during operation.
  • Quick-stop system stops the handpiece in one second compared to most handpieces that stop in 3-4 seconds potentially injuring the patient when removing the handpiece from the treatment area.
  • The turbine is made with German ceramic miniature bearings to prolong the life span of the handpiece and increase performance.

  • 4-Hole QuickConnect included 



Warranty: 2 Year
Working Pressure: 33.3psi - 36.2psi (0.23MPa - 0.25MPa)
Spray System: Triple Port
Coupling Type: 4-Hole (Midwest) Quick Connect compatible with NSK
Bur Type: Friction Grip
RPM Range: 350,000-380,000 RPM
Autoclave Temp: 275℉ (135℃)


Handpiece Maintenance Manual: View Here

Handpiece Repair Request: View Here