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COVID-19 Payment Relief Program

COVID-19 Payment Relief Program

Welcome to our first post here on our blog. We will be periodically adding new updates and articles to this blog to give you the most current information on new products, features and benefits and will provide you solutions to your practice needs. 

For our first post we wanted to introduce you all to our Payment Relief Program that we have created to help you, the dental and orthodontic professionals, get back on your feet after COVID-19. We understand that re-opening has its challenges and we want to provide an option for payment relief as you begin to buy supplies to re-open your practice.

We will be extending this program to all current and future customers with NET45 terms to allow you the needed time to collect payment and pay for supplies. We understand that your business has been through a lot these last few weeks and there will inevitably be a new "normal". We want to make order supplies as pain and stress free as possible. 

New challenges that never existed before will now be part of everyday life in your practice. We have done our best to offer personal protective equipment during this time as well as continuing to stock our dental and orthodontic products for seeing patients once again. 


Here is how to take advantage of of this payment relief program:

  • Order supplies as you would on our website by adding to your cart the products and quantities you need. 
  • Checkout with this products
  • On the last page of the checkout process when you enter payment information there is a section below Credit Card called Purchase Order. Select this payment method and click Place Order.
  • You're all set! We will process your order and invoice you 45 days after it ships.

This program will be available until the July, 31 2020.

We understand you have many chooses when it comes to clinical supplies and we appreciate your business and hope this program will provide you with the needed relief during this ever-changing time period. 

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