What is your delivery time frame?

3-4 business days to receive a “SmilePlan” from the time we receive all required data. 7 business days for aligners to be shipped, from approval date.

What is your rate of movement per aligner?

.20mm per aligner.
ClearCorrect is .30mm per aligner
• Invisalign is .25mm per aligner

What plastic do you use for your aligners?

We use GT Flex Pro for our aligners. GT Flex Pro is comparable to Zendura FLX, better than Zendura regular-
stronger, more flexible. Also, more stable than ZenduraFLX, GT Flex Pro is comparable to ClearCorrect Quartz, more clear.

What scanners do you accept? Does this include the iTero scanner?

We accept all intraoral scanners (IOS) on the market currently, including the iTero (Invisalign). Save your scan as an STL file and upload the scan in your doctor portal, easy-peasy!

How do I send a scan from my iTero scanner?

You will save the scan as an STL file from your “myaligntech” portal. Below is a short video with instructions.


What if I don’t have an IOS?

We accept PVS impressions, only PVS, alginate impressions will not be accepted. We also accept stone models.

How do your case options compare to ClearCorrect? Invisalign?

Reach out to our sales team for more information regarding case comparable options for your office.

Can I save my treatment preferences?

Yes, you can. You can also save multiple preference templates. This is found in your doctor portal in the Rx page. I can show it to you if you would like!

How are your aligners trimmed?

We do a straight line trim 1mm off the gingival margin, you also have the ability to change the trim position to your preference.

Can I have the aligners scalloped trimmed?

Not at this time. In the near future you will have the ability to choose scalloping as an option.

How do I pay for my cases? Do you bill?

You will have a credit card on file for payment. After your case is approved your credit card will be charged the appropriate fee for the chosen case.

Do you have a clinician on staff to answer clinical questions?

Yes. Our clinicians can be contacted through email directly from your doctor portal.

Can I plan my case with overcorrection or “roundtripping”?

Yes, please let our technicians know your treatment goals and your treatment methods for reaching those goals.

What settings are needed to thermoform GT Flex Plastic?

Detailed information regarding heating temperatures and times for specific thermoforming machines can be found here.


For other questions about the plastic used please review the links below.

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