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Speed S4 - Mini Head HighSpeed with Quick Connect

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Packaging: 1/box

  • 8.9mm Mini Head allows for more flexibility in the treatment area. Especially with teens and children.
  • New spring structure design on the push button spindle to secure bur during operation and avoid bur vibration.
  • Normal operating decibels of handpieces is 70dB. The new Speed HighSpeed handpiece operates at lower than 60 dB making for a much quieter experience for both dentist and patient.
  • Zero retraction system avoids impurities, blood and viruses from being sucked into the cartridge when the handpiece stops working. This increases the service life of bearings and cartridge.
  • Quick-stop system stops the handpiece in one second compared to most handpieces that stop in 3-4 seconds potentially injuring the patient when removing the handpiece from the treatment area.
  • The turbine is made with German miniature bearings to prolong the life span of the handpiece and increase performance.

  • Speed Mini is equipped with short shank burs used for children's teeth. With a short shank bur specifically designed for children's teeth, as well as a small 8.9mm head, operation is more flexible and treatment time is reduced.

  • NSK style 4-Hole QuickConnect included


Warranty: 2 Year
Working Pressure: 33.3psi - 36.2psi (0.23MPa - 0.25MPa)
Spray System: Single Port
Coupling Type: 4 Hole (Midwest) Quick Connect compatible with NSK
Bur Type: Friction Grip
RPM Range: 380,000-450,000 RPM
Autoclave Temp: 275℉ (135℃)

Handpiece Maintenance Manual: View Here

Handpiece Repair Request: View Here

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